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Our Motto
Our company in the United States was initiated in 1998. Since the beginning, our motto is “Quality above quantity” which means that we always put the bird nest’s quality as our top priority. As we all know, the bird nest is one of a kind of healthy food brought down from generation to generation by our ancestors that contains high protein and was believed to be used as a Chinese olden day medicine.

We handle each bird nest extra careful and with a high quality of hygiene. In keeping with the tradition, we are still using traditional tools; such as sharp twisters, knifes, and water to maintain the genuine quality and the effectiveness of the bird nest itself. We train each of our employees about sanitation in handling the bird nest very carefully. Therefore, we guarantee that our products are the most genuine and purest as it should be.

The History
In 1986, our company was established in Indonesia. We launched our first product to Hong Kong about 10-20 kg each month. People started to recognize our products, and they love them very much. Within one year, the market’s demand boost up very rapidly from 10-20 kg to tons each month.

They trust our products because of the authenticity and hygiene reasons. Therefore, based on that fact, we gradually expands our business to fulfill our costumers' demands. Within one year, the market boost up elevatedly from 10-20 kg to tons each month.

From Hong Kong, our bird nest was introduced to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and finally we launch our product to the western countries such as United States and Canada.

In the midst of 1998, TJ Seven, Inc. began to distribute bird nest products from Indonesia to the United States since then. Today, Pure Nest and Crystal Nest, the main brands which are widely well known in U.S. market, are becoming the best quality of bird nest products nationwide. Our customers are very pleased to finally find the best quality of bird nest with reasonable price which they never found before.

Our products passed the inspection by the USDA and examined by FDA.

This is our commitment to our customers, that we always prioritize and provide the best quality of bird nest, with the most competitive price that you could ever find in the market.